5 Funny Videos You Must Watch

My top 5 funny videos

How amazing would Malaysia be if people just laugh a little bit more? Everybody knows that having a laugh makes you happy. Therefore, we collected five funny videos you need to watch – from an animated movie scene to a fishing show with a lot of blooper in it. So sit back and relax because you’re going to laugh your butt off.

1. Zootopia

At the moment, Zootopia is screening in the Malaysian theatres. If the whole movie is as funny as the following scene, it’s definitely worth the watch. The people at our office had a big laugh about it, we hope you will as well.

2. Jimmy Kimmel 

This popular American television host has created an awesome prank around Halloween. He asked parents to tell their kids that they ate all their Halloween candy. Can you imagine the reactions of these kids? Absolutely hilarious.

3. Fisherman

Bill dance has a fishing show but he probably is more known for his funny bloopers than his fishing skills. It seems like over time there goes something wrong. 

4. Remi Gaillard

If we think about pranksters, we immediately think about Remi Gaillard, this French prankster is one of the most famous ones on YouTube at the moment. Sometimes his pranks can be a little bit rude but you definitely will have a great laugh. He loves to dress up as different characters in most of his movies. In the one below he’s a kangaroo who’s annoying people.

5. Fail compilation

Last year there were again a lot of funny fails. The video below shows some of the funniest fails of the year 2015. You almost can’t imagine how much stupid stuff people do nowadays.

Which video did you like the most? Let us know and like our page if you want to watch more funny videos.



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