5 Leadership Quotes From Successful Entrepreneurs In Malaysia

We all need role models in life. Many of us aspire to build our own businesses one day and to be our own boss. Take it from these 5 successful entrepreneurs and learn from the best. The Man Cave team has researched and listed 5 successful entrepreneurs and their leadership quotes on what it takes to build your own career.

1. Ai Ching Goh

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Ai Ching Goh is the co-founder of Piktochart, a company that provides infographics for non-designers in a simple manner with hardly any learning curve at all. It has been recommended by Forbes magazine and currently has 3 million users worldwide. No mean feat for a company that was established with only 8 staffers back in 2012.

Her quote?

“Find joy in everything you do.” According to her, when you have found a calling for a particular passion, it will not feel like a 9 to 5 job. Even the most mundane tasks are done with joy and fulfilment.

2. Joel Neoh

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This man needs no introduction. He is the founder of Groupsmore which was acquired by Groupon. He was then made the Head of Groupon Asia Pacific, overseeing business operations in over 12 countries. After that, he moved on to create another start-up, Kfit, which is an online platform to discover and book fitness classes. It has seen tremendous growth in the South East Asia region.

His mantra?

“GO BIG OR GO HOME.” Ah, the good age-old line. Overused yes, but hits home. Capitalized for effect. It stands for the kind of guy Joel is – when he puts his heart into something, he always puts the best foot forward.

3. Teoh Wee Kiat

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Teoh Wee Kiat is one-half of the famous chain restaurant MyBurgerLab. Yes, that place where you go to satisfy your burger cravings at night. At 26 years old, Wee Kiat has currently expanded the business to 4 outlets. Their signature charcoal buns are baked daily from the in-store bakery and their delicious meat patties are made from scratch. No wonder we keep coming back for more.

His advice?

“Stay grounded.” Even after achieving so much success, Wee Kiat still drives around an old Proton Saga. Humble, witty and a hard worker – that we say, is surely a recipe for success.

4. Chan Kee Siak

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Chan Kee Siak is the CEO of Exabytes, a company that provides web hosting services. From its humble beginnings in 2001, it has grown to be Malaysia’s largest web hosting service provider. It has expanded not only in Malaysia but across 121 countries with a clientele boasting governments and public listed companies. Better known as Chan, he started working on his company when he graduated from Secondary 5, merely doing it as a freelancer. Perseverance and passion were the keys to his success which he humbly puts as “accidental”.

His advice?

Quoted from his article 10 Common Mistakes Made By Startups, he ends off with a reminder to “stay focused”. According to him, business takes its time to develop and grow – there is no need to rush into anything.

5. Vivy Sofinas Yusof

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Vivy Yusof, along with her boyfriend and a friend single-handedly built a fashion empire in Malaysia. She was the first to tap into the niche market of fashion e-commerce, establishing FashionValet, which has grown into a RM 10 million business. Since then, she has moved on to even greater things, including opening a brick and mortar store and planning to open another one in Orchard Road, Singapore. Despite her successes, in her interviews, Vivy speaks with grace and humility and remains humble.

Her mantra?

“Not to look for praise but to identify your weaknesses and overcome them.” Vivy believes tenacity and perseverance are key to entrepreneurship. Never be 100% comfortable with yourself and never ever let self-pride or complacency creep in.

To be a self-made entrepreneur you will have to have both, passion in your beliefs and ideas. That passion needs to be coupled with determination to follow it through. In the world of business and entrepreneurship, the first impression is of utmost importantance, be it to win the interviewer over or to secure that important deal. In order to dress up appropriately for your next business meetings, read up on our 6 tips on best business casual clothes and find out here what are the latest haircuts you can get.

Did we miss out on any of your role models or other Malaysian entrepreneurs? Let us know in the comments below.



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