6 Tips – Business Casual Attire For Men

Choosing your business casual attire in Malaysia can be tricky and intense, especially when the company you work for has such a dress code. The variety of clothing is immense. So, to make it easier for you, we screened the top 6 business casual outfits. Have a look! 

1. Blue Dress Shirt – A Must-Have In Each Man’s Wardrobe


Unless you want to overdress yourself, it is recommended to alternate the formal white collared outfits with different kinds of colours, which are associated with different meanings:

  • Blue tints are usually associated with calm and understanding
  • Darker blue such as navy blue is associated with expertise and stability
  • A navy blue dress shirt looks very neat, providing a less formal look than a white dress shirt

Combining a blue dress shirt can be quite difficult if you already have blue pants as you don’t want to look like a smurf. Therefore, khaki coloured pants can bring the right solution to this problem.

2. Stand Out With Performance, Not With Bright Clothing

business casual attire 3 (1)

Especially for your business casual attire, try to avoid being stared at, because you are wearing that bright yellow polo or baby pink dress shirt. Leave the bright coloured clothes at home for other occasions, such as sports or as casual clothing and wear more natural colours during working hours.

3. Playful Patterns

Patterns can be used in your outfit, but don’t overdo the job. Nice subtle patterns can be worn as part of your daily business casual outfit, but combining too many patterns will make your clients and coworkers dizzy. Patterns such as subtle stripes and small dots are quite often used as business casual outfits.

4. Floral Festival


Floral shirts are very trendy these days! When it comes to business casual attire, don’t go with the right, but with for the left shirt and save the right one for a trip to Hawaii. Especially in Asia, you will find a lot of dress shirts having floral prints. It provides a cheerful character and is in particular worn by younger people.

5. Fashion Is Like An Occasion, But Style Is A Passion

business casual attire 6

What you prefer to wear depends on yourself. You can follow the latest fashion trends to catch up with the other ‘business’ icons, such as David Beckham, Gabriel Macht (better known as Harvey Specter from the series ‘Suits’ series) or maybe even Barney Stinson (from the series ‘How I met your mother’), but the most important thing is that you need to feel comfortable with whatever you are wearing. You shouldn’t follow the latest fashion trends just because it is ‘hot’. Try to create your own style. And when feeling comfortable, you are able to achieve great things in life.

6. Last Special Mention

business casual attire 7

Some people like to stand out from the larger society and one of them is Ryan Gosling.

He usually tries to mix a casual outfit with a combination of business and smart casual, which, we have to admit, matches very well!

So, now you are ready to perform optimally on the work floor, right? Don’t forget that small details also matters, especially during work. Click here to read our guide on choosing the right watch to wear during different occasions!

What would you wear as your business casual attire? Comment below and share your thoughts with other users!

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