7 Pick Up Lines You Should Never Use!

Kuala Lumpur is a beautiful place with beautiful girls you can have a relationship with. Ever feel small when you see a beautiful lady? We are sure you have thought of approaching them before, be it at a bar, a club or even a mall. But a million scenarios you play in your head will make you hesitate and stutter, making it close to impossible for you to pick up that girl.

Don’t worry! One thing we at The Man Cave know for sure is how NOT to pick up girls in Malaysia.

Pick up lines are dated and can be a turnoff for many girls. Most of them instead prefer a confident “hello” or the age-old “can I buy you a drink”. I mean, who can resist a free drink? At your convenience, we have compiled 7 pick up lines which you should never use. In the name of love and laughs, we recorded a video highlighting this. Watch & enjoy!


Pick Up Line 1:  

Relationship 1

“Excuse me. Did you just fart? Because you’re blowing me away.”

Our take:

Fart jokes are one thing. But fart pick up lines? Really?


Pick Up Line 2:

Relationship 2

“Are you wearing lipstick? Can I taste it?”

Our take:

This wouldn’t get you any nearer to a kiss, perhaps more likely a slap on the face.


Pick Up Line 3:

Relationship 7

Approaching a random girl while beating your chest and saying “Me Tarzan, You Jane?”

Our take:Leave the acting to Hollywood. You do you. Girls like originality.

Leave the acting to Hollywood. Girls like originality.


Pick Up Line 4:

Relationship 3

“Do you believe in helping the homeless? Take me home with you!”

Our take:

You’ll be going home yourself with this one, we’re sure.


Pick Up Line 5:

Relationship 4

“You look like you need a boyfriend.”

Our take:

You need to drop this one, pronto.


Pick Up Line 6:

Relationship 5

“Is your body from McDonalds? Because I’m lovin’ it.”

Our take:

The only cheesy thing you should get from McDonalds is the cheeseburger.


Pick Up Line 7:

Relationship 6

Calling a girl “amoy cantik!”

Our take:

This is not a Malay drama scene. And you’re not an actor.

Check out this video to find out what actually works to pick up girls in Malaysia in order to find a relationship. We tested it!

When approaching and talking to women, confidence is key. If you are searching for a relationship, nothing beats a funny and confident man. Also, learn to dress up properly and present yourself well.

Do you have any funny pick up lines you would like to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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