Beard Styles, Which Suits You?

A beard can be seen as a status symbol, is manly and has something mysterious. One thing is sure, if you grow a beard your appearance will definitely undergo a change. Since every beard is unique, you should be careful with the beard style you grow. It really depends on your facial hair and the form of your face. Inspecting the shape of your head allows you to make a better choice concerning beard styles. Want to grow a beard or already got one? Check out the following guidelines to enhance your appearance. After reading this article you know everything about the best beard styles for your face.

Long faces
People who have a long narrow face definitely should avoid growing a long beard or a goatee. These beard styles will intensify the length of your face. If you want to grow a full beard, it’s smart to keep the hairs on your chin to a minimum length. The sides of your beard may grow longer to fill up the contours of your face. Another trick to shorten your face is growing a full goatee, this will ‘break’ your face and makes it look longer.

long face

Round Face
Many Men With round faces have the idea that growing a long full beard will extend their face. Unfortunately for them the opposite is true. To create this look, one should grow longer hairs on the chin to create this effect. A small mustache or hair on your jawline will widen your face so try to avoid these styles.

round face

Oval face
If you have an oval face, you are a lucky guy! This shape allows you to wear all the different beard styles. To figure out which style suits you the best, I recommend trying all the styles at least once.

Small chin
Having a small chin can be solved with growing a full beard. Another trick is to grow a goatee that will emphasize your chin. The worst thing that you could do is only grow a mustache.

small chin

Square jaw
A full beard fits perfectly by a square jaw. This beard style will definitely soften your appearance. Never grow only whiskers or a chinstrap! These beard styles will emphasize the shape of your jaw.

square jaw

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