Best 5 Sneakers You Can Wear With A Suit

So you just bought that sleek brand new suit but you feel like your boring brown, leather shoes need some changing? Or maybe you, as a young and healthy professional living in Malaysia, walk to work, and these old formal shoes are killing your feet? Well, you are in luck, as we at The Man Cave have the answer: Sneakers.

Yes, you’ve heard me. Simple, lightweight, loyal sneakers. We won’t pretend like we invented this. In fact, a few adventurers have been wearing this unusual combination since Justin Timberlake started it in 2013.


Keep in mind, choosing the right pair of sneakers is of utmost importance, but if done right, this fresh mix-and-match can prove handy and stylish. Here come the 5 absolute best sneakers to wear for a good smart-casual look (in no particular order):

1. Vans Era


Low, sound, no nonsense Vans. Go well with most suits, thanks to their mocassins-like style. And since longboards are making their comeback as well, don’t hesitate to save some money you usually use for gas and skate to work.

2. Lanvin Paris


These are fancy as ****. Vintage class just pours out of these babies. No wonder, they’re from Paris. If you want to make a good investment, don’t even hesitate, go get your own Lanvin, and make it an excuse to visit the City of Light.

3. Chuck Taylor All Star


Thought your All Stars would never see the light of day again? Think twice. These real classics, loyal as ever, shine in a whole new light under a matching suit. Come on, take ‘em for a walk, they deserve it!

4. Stan Smith Originals


Sturdy Adidas sneakers, icon of style, and comfort! Inspired by the actual tennis legend himself, you will feel like a real pro just putting them on.

5. Lacoste Marcel


A brand that’s been combining sports and style for a long, long time. No wonder this design works well with a classy suit too. And since it is known for its quality, you really can’t go wrong with these.

More tips

That completes our to date selection of quality sneakers you can wear under most suits. To fully complete your smart-casual attire, do have a look at our guide on how to choose a watch. Maybe get a nice chronograph, so you can measure each and every morning how little time you need to get to work, all thanks to your new best friends.

Have we convinced you yet? Or do you feel like this is wrong by definition? Maybe you just lack the courage? We would love to hear your excuse, so please let us know, leave a comment below!

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