jungle book

Movie Trailer: The Jungle Book

Just two more weeks and then the moment has come that Disney’s movie The Jungle Book screens in Malaysian cinemas. To be even more specific, on the 7th of April is the premiere from this adventurous movie. With the same...

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funny videos

5 Funny Videos You Must Watch

My top 5 funny videos How amazing would Malaysia be if people just laugh a little bit more? Everybody knows that having a laugh makes you happy. Therefore, we collected five funny videos you need to watch – from an...

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movie trailers

Movie Trailer: Dawn of Justice

There are a lot of new movie trailers released this year and Malaysia should prepare itself because on the 24th of March the new movie ‘Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice’ is screening in cinemas. This action-packed...

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Disney Movies with Dark Plots

Disney is notorious for what they’ve done to the public domain, more so for using the dark works of past authors for their own profit. We asked our editor about the twisted underlying tones of stories meant for children...

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Clean jokes

Clean Jokes For Any Occasion

If 2016 is the year you’re meeting her parents, its best to go armed with some clean jokes in case conversations turn dark. Depending on how open minded her family is, here are some clean jokes you should try: 1...

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