Relationship advice

Relationship Advice to Make it Last

Relationship advice comes in good and bad forms, from experience and inexperienced circles. So when the woman you have always wanted to be with is now yours, its best to make it last. The way she smiles makes your heart beat...

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Memorable gift ideas

Seven Memorable Gifts for Her

Memorable gift Ideas Memorable gifts are a dime in dozen. Let’s be honest: even though Christmas/New Year is the most anticipated time of the year where you can spend an enjoyable time with friends and family, it is also the...

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Intelligent Jokes

Top 7 Intelligent Jokes for Bonding

7 Intelligent Jokes A gentleman has much better things to do than plan & execute intelligent jokes or pranks. So work smart, not hard. Or lazy, we can’t tell which is which. Replace a random photo of a family member with...

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