6 Way Too Common Movies Clichés

Movies are a source of entertainment and misconceptions. Sure,  an air of disbelief matters but some tropes occur far too often and may hinder our ability to distinguish between realistic & unrealistic expectations. Here are the top pet peeves.

  • Women wake up from their sleep with full face make-up. High expectations set by movies are probably fueling the half trillion dollars global cosmetics complex.
  • Women are also clueless as to where to run to in emergencies. Big-time hero needs to hold their hand and guide them
  • The incessant cocking back and forth of guns, even (semi-)automatic ones and pump-action shotguns, in animated discussions.

  • Bad guys neatly wait for their turn to get their ass kicked when they surround the hero.
  • Doors are apparently made of cardboard as almost every door gets kicked in without breaking a sweat.

  • People never break any part of their hand while gratuitously handing out punches. Doesn’t hurt either.

They should just have a sign outside all movie theaters that insist that the customer discounts all aspects of reality and fact.



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