Disney Movies with Dark Plots

Disney is notorious for what they’ve done to the public domain, more so for using the dark works of past authors for their own profit. We asked our editor about the twisted underlying tones of stories meant for children, and this is what he had to say:

Alice in Wonderland
A young girl drops too much acid and goes on the mother of all trips.

Street criminal abducts the daughter of the most powerful man in the country and steals his throne for himself through use of lies and deceit.

Wizard of Oz
A girl travels to a new world and kills he first person she comes in contact with, she then teams up with 3 strangers in order to kill again!


Wreck it Ralph
A living force of destruction escapes his eternal tormentors for an unrealistic dream, whereupon he is attacked, robbed, belittled, run over, plotted against, and nearly destroys the only home he has ever known. After an unsuccessful near-suicide attempt, he returns to the people who rejected him, only for them to gang up and throw him off a building.

Only child of an imprisoned single mother gets bullied and rejected by his peers, then drugged by clowns.

Lion King
Uncle throws his own brother off a cliff. Son throws that uncle to be eaten alive. Son then weds his own half-sister.

An old woman kidnaps a baby and locks her up, emotionally manipulates the child, and uses parts of her to make herself beautiful.

The Incredibles
Child twisted by lack of support by his idol grows up to murder all similar idols. He then attempts to make himself a hero by means of mass hysteria, murder, and property damage.

Peter Pan
Strange man sneaks into kids’ bedroom window and abducts them. forces them to stay in the woods with his other captives while he constantly wages war with sailors.

Hunchback of Notredam
An insane, deformed man falls in love with a homeless girl. After learning to believe in himself, he murders his abusive, adoptive father and watches her hook up with some pretty boy.

Finding Nemo
Dad moves the family to a nice new neighborhood where on day 1 his wife and all but one child, the handicapped one, are viciously murdered as he lays unconscious. His lone handicapped son is then taken by a doctor to be kept on display until he will be killed by his psychotic niece. All because he touched some dudes butt.

So clearly, Disney isn’t the only culprit!



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