Donald Trump’s Body Language Tells All

Donald Trump’s followers are a statistically-vaunted, uneducated bunch that ignore the meanings, almost comical, but insidious, of Trump’s facial expressions, especially his eyes and mouth.

In so many photos when he is ranting he pushes his red lips out into a tortured, round, sphincter-like moue, through which he pours his endless diatribe; like a baby, crying for its nipple. (This is a weak man, repeatedly name-calling others ‘weak’. No pun intended, its a conclusion on science.)

His eyes are frequently squished closed, as if, by squinting, his audience won’t really see (the real) him, or as if he doesn’t want, really, to see them (after all, they aren’t, really, in his class, are they?).

His wide, pointing, furiously jabbing gestures are both distractions from his loathsome and empty rhetoric.  His symbolism is that of the ‘strong’, opinion-held father these poor supporters never had.

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘voting against your best interests’. This shameless rich-nik hypnotizes these poor folks into doing just that.

Donald Trump uses the same rhetorical weapons as right-wing media: scapegoating, incitement, fear mongering, war mongering, insults, lies. The problem of right-wing populism in the USA is far deeper and broader than just Trump. He is simply building on the groundwork laid over the last three decades by Limbaugh, Beck, and a panoply of vicious personalities. These personalities represent the interests of white supremacy, corporate plunder, war profiteering, and the subjugation of working people.

The USA has been on a downhill slalom for decades, during which time it has eliminated secular opposition in many countries in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, facilitated the rise of Islamic extremists off- and now onshore, and ripped the American social fabric to shreds. Divide and conquer is the tried and true method a ruthless minority with financial power relies on to seize or hold power because they are vastly outnumbered and must manipulate low-information individuals to support them by manipulating followers emotionally. The forms this emotional manipulation take are ugly because hatred, anger, and violence are the emotions that elicit this support.



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