Extending a Suit’s Lifecycle

Extending a Suit's Lifecycle The Man Cave

You work hard and you play hard. You stand; you sit, walk, run and fly all day. Additionally, you look ridiculously good in your brand new suit. This brand new suit works as hard as you do; see it as a modern armor that ensures you looking super-tight.

With a few tips you can extend the life of your personal co-worker.

Dry Cleaning? Rather not!
We all know that you should not throw your suit in the washing machine but there is nothing that destructs your suit faster than to bring it regularly to the cleaners. Sure, there are times that you don’t have a choice, visible stains or smells are never a pleasure. Ask even then only for the necessary places to be treated instead of the whole suit. The dry cleaner ensures that your suit is exposed to chemicals that ultimately degrade the material. In addition, sometimes they are so careless with your suit that it could get damaged. Bring your suit only when it is really needed. Some suit lovers do this only once or twice a year, and that’s fine.

Steam device
Using a steam cleaner is the best way to get your suit wrinkle-free and fresh. If you wear a lot of suits, it would be a good idea to obtain such a device. Through steaming, fiber of your suit rejuvenates and again, extends the lifespan. Avoid at all times your iron to get your suit wrinkle free. It damages the fabric and it ensures that your suit is shiny. If you really decide to iron, make sure you put something in between to protect the wool.
If you don’t have a steamer but a bathroom with a shower then you also go a long way. Hang your suit during a hot shower in the bathroom. The steam released into the bathroom indirectly steams your suit.

ALWAYS hang your suit, even when you come home late at night. Hang it just right on a wide wooden hanger. Your jacket will remain as beautiful in form and the wood also absorbs additional moisture from wearing during the day.

Clothing Brush
After you hang your suit brush it with a clothing brush. Do it vertically, begin at the shoulders and brush gently down. It extracts carry the dust and grime of your suit. You may be asking yourself why you should do this every time after wearing but dust and dirt may eventually affect the wool so better make it a habit.

Garment bag
A garment bag is your best friend if you have to travel. Choose initially a cover that protects your suit properly, a cover that breathes and is lightweight. Do not only use it for traveling but also for your closet. This keeps your suit dust-free and well protected. If you brought your suit to the dry cleaner, always remove the plastic from it if you hang it in your closet. Give your suit some air.

Love your suit
We all know situations where you wear the same suit two days in a row. (late party, wake up in an apartment that is not yours, etc.) Do not wear the same suit every day. The natural fibers of the wool can then recover and restore.

Give your suit a little love and you can last years together.



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