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After lung cancer, it is the second most deadly form of cancer in the US. In 2012, 27,000 American men died of prostate cancer. And it is preventable. Caught early a prostatectomy can remove the entire tumor providing a normal lifespan. And the PSA test which the US Preventive Task Force leads to “overdiagnosis” is actually deadly accurate, at least as most medical tests go. Once the patient has prostate cancer, it is the PSA test that is used to monitor progress. How’s that for a test which your GP will tell you is “inaccurate” and leads to “many false positives.”

What they mean is that the five-minute yearly physical becomes perhaps a half hour long when the patient has a MARGINAL PSA reading. A PSA test of 4, the cutoff for biopsies may lead to over treatment, but a PSA of 28 is almost certainly cancer. And not taking the PSA at all means that the accurate very high readings are NEVER SEEN. And that dooms many men to an early death.

It is sort of like the prelates not looking through Galileo’s telescope because they know that Jupiter cannot have moons. How exactly is less information better?

The fact is that the recommendation saves the HMO’s billions. They don’t treat the disease when it is curable and then rake in the profits as they collect from dying patients with ineffective yet expensive care. Why is it that our Department of Health and Human Services is engaged in putting old people to death? And who will speak up for their lives?



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