Financial Planning Game Used to Encourage Frivolous Spending

Financial planning is the crux of long term liquidity. It’s the difference between living within and beyond your means. It teaches people how to positively cope with what they have. It’s absence of this, and various other factors, that cause the subprime mortgage crisis in 2008.

The non-attachment to the things of this world is a key component of lasting happiness – which is why I could never be a Republican, the party that pimps out the baby Jesus every December while repudiating the hard truths the adult Jesus actually taught during the following 11 months of the year.

So how will Malaysian companies celebrate Christmas this year?

By compelling you to shop of course!

Step right up and experience the next big thing to a day care as your children navigate Monopoly, a financial planning game they don’t understand in the slightest capacity. A game that was created to teach children and adults about money management. A game that has been licensed by a Malaysian mall to serve as a tool for encouraging needless shopping.

And after you’re done mindlessly playing Monopoly, get ushered by the organizers to partake in fake promises of the most inept bank in the country. The legitimacy of these promises should never be questioned.

Just like in real life, there are two ways of going to jail, stupid decisions and bad luck. There’s a sales booth for a Maybank product that will allow anyone to spend money than they have. The booth is right next to the jail prop on this life sized Monopoly board.

For players and onlookers, the irony of this placement is lost.



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