Four Times the “Villain” was Right

One of the marks of an adult is the ability to see events from more than one perspective.  It’s the reason a theory that asserts Daniel LaRusso as The Karate Kid villain is striking a chord with many. It’s also the hallmark of strong character development that compels an audience to relate with the motives of the antagonist. But when you peel away the layers, it’s easy to see that villains can be right, like:

General Hummel in Michael Bay’s The Rock


He wanted the U.S. government to pay the families of fallen special forces soldiers instead of writing off their clandestine operations as “training accidents”

Magneto in Bryan Singer’s X-Men series


He’s a holocaust survivor that just wanted equality. Nowadays companies get special recognition for having 100% equality.

All antagonists in The Legend of Korra


Especially Amon and Kuvira. In season one, benders were mistreating non-benders, and Tarlock’s curfew only worsened things. They had no representation in the government despite making up a huge part of the population. Then in season four, would you really want the Earth King ruling your country? The Earth Kingdom had been shit on for years; doesn’t make Kuvira 100% right, but it makes sense that people would rally to her.

Ozymandias in The Watchmen


He made tough choices for the greater good.

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