GOP Debate Proves Blame Game Strategy

Historically, the GOP have resorted to blame tactics, or at least they appear to do so. People should be thinking critically and researching the candidate’s stance on those domestic issues on their own. The media delivers what the audience wants to hear. Foreign policy may be what people are more interested in right now. Although issues abroad are relevant, they should not get 100% platform and be used, often incorrectly to distract from domestic problems. For example, blaming economic issues on the immigrants from Mexico, as if that were the sole cause and their deportation the solution.

This dynamic allows candidates to place responsibility on the “others” and avoid real solutions. Maybe as we get closer to elections there will be a shift and focus on domestic issues. GOP talks about ISIS so they don’t have to talk about gun control – because most terrorist attacks on U.S soil this year have been white males. They trash on the Muslims, on the immigrants so they don’t have to address the lower and middle class issues, and specific policies on how we plan on actually making America a better place.

Some blame should be placed on the CNN moderators who chose the questions and a debate format to encourage useless uninformative arguments between candidates. As hosts, the moderators should have posed questions on important topics rather than the fashionable issues candidates have chosen to pander to voters.

It really felt like we were watching junior-high kids vying for class president. The degree of immaturity across the board was staggering. Not a single one had anything reasonable to say. Not a single one inspired any confidence that our nation would be in capable hands. Given that I’m not a Republican, it was all I could’ve asked for. They can say what they want about Clinton and Sanders, but at least the Democrats are fielding adults in their primary process.



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