Proposal Destinations for Heartmelting Memories

Proposal’s now account for one of the most memorable moments in a couples journey towards commitment.

In less than one month, Valentine’s Day will be knocking on your doorstep as the most romantic day of the year. While every other guy out there are obviously scrambling about to prepare handmade sweets, gifts and to book dinner reservations for two, this very day is also most commonly known for guys to pop their biggest question.

You’ve got your flower bouquet, the 10 carat diamond ring, a smart looking suit and sprayed on your favorite Hugo Boss cologne, but you are probably missing something. You are 100% ready to propose to your girlfriend, but missing out on the perfect location for the special event.

Fret not you guys. We have screened the top romantic locations in Kuala Lumpur and listed the best ones for you in order to impress your wife-to-be.

  • Marini’s on 57 – Stunning views in chic ambiance

    Asia’s Most Iconic Wedding Proposal Destination

Does your significant other fancy places that are ultimately chic and trendy? Being one of the highest rooftop locations in Kuala Lumpur and located in the heart of KL’s city center, Marini’s on 57 [link to:] is one of the most exclusive fine dining spots in Malaysia’s capital.

The place combines a stylish Italian restaurant, a rooftop bar as well as whiskey and cigar lounge, with stunning views towards the Twin Towers.

Whether you go for the sunset view or midnight low lightning, a marriage proposal at Kuala Lumpur’s most iconic destination is sure to impress your girl with a chic and modern twist.

  • La Risata in Ampang – Amore in bella Italia

Is she into authentic Italian cuisine? This place will enchant her not only with its old-fashioned and rustic charm, but also by serving one of the best Italian food including hand-tossed pizzas and delectable pastas. Use the romantic lounge to toast on your engagement and let the ‘amore’ flow.

In case your girlfriend has a weakness for Italy and Italian cuisine, this is a great spot to mentally get away from KL, while dreaming of being in one of the most romantic countries in the world.

  • Heli Lounge Bar – Unique & secret ‘helipad’

If you are searching for a quiet and ‘secret’ spot, Heli Lounge Bar is the right place to go. Situated on the 34th floor of Menara KH and being set directly across the KL Tower, the rooftop bar gives an unforgettable view over the city and a memorable sunset experience.

The location is a helipad by day and rooftop bar by night combining both concepts, which is also reflected by the used furnishing. As long as your girlfriend isn’t too afraid of heights or flights, this is a unique location for a one of a kind marriage proposal!

  • Stratosphere @ PJ – Green Oasis in the skies

Can’t you decide between proposing out in nature or in the city with a great skyline view? Then Stratosphere is the best fit for you as the rooftop bar is situated on top of an infinity grassed helipad, providing spectacular 360-degree views towards Klang Valley.  

If your girlfriend likes to be a cool trendsetter, choose Stratosphere in order to make sure her answer is ‘Yes’.

  • Fuego @ Troika Sky Dining – Love is … hot & spicy

Does your partner have a taste for hot and spicy? Then maybe Fuego – which is named after the Spanish word for ‘fire’ – is your place. The restaurant is situated in Troika Sky Dining and offers a sparkling panorama towards KL’s Twin Towers.  

If you want to heat up your marriage proposal, head over to this South American location and she will fall head over heels!

  • Tamarind Springs @ Jalan TAR, Ampang – jungle feeling

Being set within Ampang’s natural forest reserve, Tamarind Springs reminds of fine dining within the jungle. Choose one of the romantic, intimate tables and declare your love while enjoying the Indochinese cuisine.

In case your girlfriend is the exotic dining type, she will be impressed being surrounded by a green oasis and nature.

  • Atmosphere 360 – Style meets special effect

Situated on top of Menara KL Tower and being Malaysia’s highest restaurant, you enjoy breathtaking views in a modern and stylish atmosphere, which lets you escape from KL’s hassle and stress. As Atmosphere 360 is constantly moving, it gives the dining experience a special kick.

The intimate table arrangements create a romantic atmosphere, where you will have the guts to pop out the question.

All these places are unforgettable spots to bend down on one’s knee and propose, but in the end it’s all about choosing the best location, that individually fits her taste. Know your girl from A to Z, then decide.

Still not sure which marriage proposal location to choose? Make a find outside of Kuala Lumpur and check out this article: The 10 Best Retreats in Malaysia.

Do you have any other proposal spots to add?

Let us know in the comments below.




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