How To Approach Girls In Malaysia?

Approaching girls is apparently something guys still have a lot of trouble with. We often tend to freeze up while getting scared of the thought of walking towards a girl and introducing ourselves. Without a doubt, approaching a girl is definitely one of the hardest things we will ever have to do in order to get a date with the girl we fancy. So, how can you approach girls more easily? Well, let them approach you!

You must be wondering how you can get girls to approach you? We from The Man Cave came up with an idea where you don’t even have to talk with girls. We tested our approach at Kuala Lumpur’s Mid Valley Megamall. See how it worked out by watching the video below:

My Personal Experience


As you have seen, the concept is quite simple. I was standing with a ‘HUG ME’ sign at multiple places and just waited for what would happen. The beginning is quite awkward since you are standing with an eye-catchy sign and everybody is looking at you. Luckily after a while, you get used to it, especially when you start getting hugs.

The Surprising Result


The result was quite surprising since I already got a hug within the first minute I was standing at one spot. I ended up getting 34 hugs from random people within less than 45 minutes. The idea was to get hugs from girls and although I got most of the hugs from them, I also got approached by some guys and a couple of children that were kind enough to give a stranger a hug. So, at the end, you could conclude that this tactic is a way to find your next girlfriend, maybe even a good buddy or just to have fun.

Maybe this way of approaching people isn’t for everybody but it certainly works. Did you like the video? Are you going to use the same tactic? Leave a comment and let us know!

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