This Easy Couscous Dish Will Impress Your Date

Couscous Recipe Guide

One of my personal favourite dishes that I used to make a lot before I moved to Malaysia is couscous. The varieties are endless and you can experiment wildly. Now that I’m currently writing about it I feel hungry and noticed that I’m craving for this delicious salad. The nice thing about this meal is that it only takes you a few minutes to prepare it while it’s full of flavour.

I’m going to share the recipe I always use so you guys will learn how to easily prepare a tasty couscous your date will love.

how to prepare couscous in just few steps

First, take a medium sized pan and throw in the amount of couscous you would like to prepare. Fill the water heater and boil some water. You will need about the same amount of water as couscous. When the water is boiled, add half a cube of bouillon you prefer, one spoon olive oil and squeeze out some lemon juice. Lay a towel on the pan and leave it to rest for a bit. The couscous will suck up the water within 5 minutes.

delicious couscous
In the meantime, you can start cutting the vegetables into little pieces. I normally use some cucumber, a red paprika, normal and sun dried tomatoes. Loosen the couscous with a fork and add all the vegetables plus the feta, which will fit in perfectly in this dish. Finish the dish with some ripped rocket lettuce, salt and pepper. Mix everything together and your couscous salad is finished.

Roasted chicken as side dish
I know what you are thinking – after this salad you will still be hungry, right? Well for the big eaters under us, I would recommend adding some chicken as a side dish. I use the following marinade to create some juicy chicken:

couscous chicken

Take a bowl to make and mix up the marinade inside. I know how people in Asia and Malaysia love their spices so start cutting two red peppers into small pieces. Of course you can leave out the peppers if you don’t like spicy food, it’s totally up to you. Do the same with three cloves of garlic. Put it into the bowl and add three eating spoons of olive oil, one spoon of soya sauce and some honey. Now the time has come to put in some herbs like thyme, oregano, pepper and salt. Squeeze out half a lemon as finishing touch. I recommend tasting the marinade as this way you can add ingredients to your preferences. Marinade the chicken and cook it in the pan or use the oven. Of course, there are many variations possible with couscous. Click here for some more inspiration. 

Did you try this dish? Tell us about your experience and if you got any tips to make it even more delicious.




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