Life Hacks That Are Really Unethical

Life hacks can take you from A to Z without any of the red tape that comes with the day to day of human existence. While our editor admits that these hacks works and are great, it depends on your flavor of ethics on whether to go through with them.

  1. Have to go, with no where to go? The best public bathrooms in a city are in the expensive hotels. Life hacks for cleanliness!
  2. Meeting friends but too lazy to move? Tell them you are twice as far as you are and offer to meet halfway.
  3. Exam in one day and didn’t study? Mass email your entire class and offer to swap your study guide with them. Send every others guide back to another – everyone wins. Life hacks for laziness!
  4. Too cheap to pay for parking? Buy road cones and place one before and after your car. People will think its official business.
  5. Late for work and people are walking too slow? Scream that you’re going to throw up and they’ll clear the area.
  6. Want people on the train to leave you alone? Smile in the most creepy manner possible or wear a face mask. Life hacks for personal space!
  7. Hungry late at night? Go to Krispy Kreme 30 minutes before closing time and ask for the leftover donuts.
  8. Want to take a day off work but aren’t sick. Lie on your back with your head hanging over the edge of the bed. Call the office, your voice will sound congested.
  9. Need a hi resolution image only available on iStock? Download the watermarked image and upload it on Google Search. Now you can find many people hosting the high res.
  10. Perception is reality. If you look the part, you are the part. Use this to walk into any building or do anything.
  • Want to do graffiti? Wear one of those white overalls.
  • Steal a street-sign? Carry a toolbox and dress like a mechanic
  • Need a new PC? Dress up like a technician and just walk out with it.And there you have it, get away with anything.



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