Will Detachment lead to Lower Debt?

Bill Gate’s prediction for 2035 is based on GDP per person. This simply means that countries will produce more wealth. But if current trends continue much of that wealth will be concentrated in fewer and fewer hands.

In America today 1% of the population controls 40% of the wealth and this debt disparity is increasing. So the question isn’t whether we will collectively accumulate more abundance, income or wealth because our economies will continue to grow. The question is what will we do with this “abundance”?

Capitalism has no inherent morality but it was thought that Christian virtue would not only temper its natural excesses, but guide “abundance” toward humanitarian purposes. Our history has shown that not to be the case.

Capitalism’s inexorable drive for more and more accumulation has cast Christian virtue aside in exchange for a social morality that proclaims that “I deserve” all that I can acquire. And since I deserve it all, I will manipulate the laws and policies of the state to insure that I get it, even at the debt expense of the very lives of others.

Can lack of attachment rescue us from this tragedy?

If we see our wealth as part of an evolutionary path then it’s purpose is to up lift all humanity since each is on the same evolutionary path. If we simply detach then we have no investment, either good or bad with what happens with wealth. I prefer the former. Harness the capitalist beast to the good plow least it destroy us all.



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