Trailer Review – Now You See Me: The Second Act

The first act of the movie looked promising and it left enough space for the viewer’s imagination to guess what will happen next time. So finally after 3 years the producers decided it was time to release a sequel of the first part. In Malaysia, the release date will be on the 16th of June. So you definitely need to save that date.


Most of the existing cast will recur in the sequel of the last movie. Also, the four horsemen will be back for another event of unexplainable series. There will probably be a bigger threat than you could have imagined.

As Daniel Radcliff returns to the world of magic, it almost feels nostalgic with the Harry Potter series. In Now You See Me: The Second Act Daniel’s role in the movie looks very promising as he looks like a novice magician trying to learn from the four horsemen. Although the kind of magic will be different compared with Daniel’s (or should I say Harry’s?) performance in Harry Potter. But once a magician, always a magician, right? Hopefully, Daniel will show us if he has something up his sleeve for this movie.

Jay Chou will also be part of the new cast. The actor is well known due to his music, especially in Asia, but less in the United States and Europe. Although he is less known as an actor, he has done a few (small) jobs as an actor.

Haven’t seen the trailer yet? You can watch it here:

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