Style It Like Beckham

  We often see celebrities and A-list superstars sporting some of the most stylish hairstyles. Indeed, celebrities like David Beckham are always seen gracing red carpet events with fashionably groomed locks, much to the...

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What To Wear During A Date

When you haven’t had a date in a long time, or the few you had didn’t seem to be very interested, it might be time for a change of clothes. I know you might think: “I have my own style, no reason to pretend to be someone...

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Relationship 7

7 Pick Up Lines You Should Never Use!

Kuala Lumpur is a beautiful place with beautiful girls you can have a relationship with. Ever feel small when you see a beautiful lady? We are sure you have thought of approaching them before, be it at a bar, a club or even a...

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How To Approach Girls In Malaysia?

Approaching girls is apparently something guys still have a lot of trouble with. We often tend to freeze up while getting scared of the thought of walking towards a girl and introducing ourselves. Without a doubt, approaching a...

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