Squared Online: Mapping a Customer Journey

Squared Online is Google’s latest digital marketing certificate offered to marketers in Asia and Europe. It represents their chance be Google Certified in an advertising specialization.

Consider Digital’s head of content recently signed up for Squared Online and underwent a journey from awareness to conversion that any embarks on.

1. Online Banner
Based on his browsing behavior, he was targeted and re-targeted by banner ads on thought leadership portals. This started in September 2015.

2. Exploring the Website
After a relentless cat & mouse chase, he finally gave in and clicked the banner, and was redirected to their colorful & information website.

3. Video testimonials
After going through the whole site, he watched some video testimonials, obviously directed by Google’s video production staff. So while it was high in quality, it wasn’t enough to convince him to drop £ 2,000 on a certificate.

4. Quora
He then turned to the unbiased and brutally honest members of Quora for some feedback and the response was mixed.

5. LinkedIn
He then went on LinkedIn, filtered the school option to Squared Online and connected himself to alumni from iProspect and Google to learn about their experiences during & after the program.

6. LinkedIn Analytic’s
He then went on Squared Online’s LinkedIn alumni page. It was there that he learned about the various profiles and backgrounds.

7. CPD Standards
He then searched for Squared Online on the CPD Standards website and found the verification page. This secured any apprehension about the certificates’ validity among international employers.

8. Tuition & Financing
The final stage of validation came from marketers in the advertising industry and an endorsement from Faisal Sheikh. He then reached out to Sandy Tsang’s team in the Singapore office to discuss self-financing options. After reaching favorable terms, a deal was struck.

9. Conversion
He’s now enrolled and eager to earn a Google certification in digital marketing. It starts on the 8th of March 2016.



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