First Impressions: Star Trek Beyond | Official Trailer

It would appear that The Onion’s budgets just keep getting bigger and bigger. But no – someone finally made a 2 Trek 2 Furious: Franchise Drift Star Trek movie designed exclusively for people who beat up people who like Star Trek.

Beyond “I can’t imagine having a less-fitting song to put in that trailer” we had a reaction and it goes something like this:

“There goes another Enterprise.”

“How many trillion dollar star ship does Kirk have to wreck before Starfleet grounds him to a desk job?”

“Karl Urban’s work is criminally underrated. Dredd, Bones, and Lord Vaako are three of my favorite characters mostly due to his performances.”

“Movies need more scenes where something goes off a cliff and a person jumps off of it and grabs the cliff.”

“It’s weird seeing a trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 with completely different actors playing the characters.”

I am neither underwhelmed nor overwhelmed by this trailer. I am whelmed.

Needless to say this movie will make around 150 to 200% of its budget in box office earnings. The follow up trailer better do it justice because around the time of its release (July 22nd 2016) Suicide Squad is always debuting, as is The Legend of Tarzan, both of which received fanfare for well made trailers.

So while this won’t be canned any time soon (Transformers 4 made over one billion dollars), sentiment analysis may indicate a different tune. That said, the sales from Star Trek merchandise and box office will be the ultimate determinant on whether this franchise continues to survive.

On the plus side, this Star Trek trailer has less lens flare.

Also, it would be interesting to see how The Onion would or could top this goldmine of a news report.

What do you think – hit or miss? Let us know in the comments below.



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