7 Survival Skills Everyone Should Know

Seven Survival Skills

Survival skills are unfortunately not given priority at any educational level. There’s a wealth of knowledge on the internet with regards to survival skills, but for the most part they are either made up by untrained people or derived from fictional movies. We reached out to former special operations specialists to learn about the key survival hacks the every-man should know.

1. If you’re caught in an ocean riptide, don’t swim towards the shore or you’ll drown. Instead, swim parallel to it.
2. If you’re thirsty in the woods, only drink water from as far upstream you can go. The lower water flows, the more contaminants it encounters.
3. If you think you’re being followed, stay calm and remember that your night vision works much better out of the corner of your eyes. Look slightly away from something you’re trying to see and you’ll see it much better.
4. If you’re going camping, remember that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. This may seem trivial but it will save your life if God forbid you are lost. This really helps if you have a slight clue about where you might be.
5. If you’re going hiking, remember to stop frequently and look around you in every direction. On your way back, your surroundings will look very different, so its important to note this in advance. The best advice is to leave visible markers or arrows on the trees.
6. If you’re ever in a fight, remember that the fastest way to disable your opponent is to attack or crush his balls. That means his eyes too.
7. If you’re going into the wilderness, take a reliable knife and fire steel with you just in case, and be prepared to use both to make sure you return home.

A calm and sensible mind goes a long way.



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