Survival Skills, All You Need to Know!


Want to escape from KL’s hustle and bustle and go on a hike? Having some knowledge about survival skills could come in handy. Especially seen the fact that most people wouldn’t even know where the north is without having to use some modern technology. A real man needs to know the basic survival skills and needs! Having this knowledge will help you survive in the wildness. If that would never happen, you can always impress your friends during a weekend camping. You absolutely need to know these five things!

1. Shelter

survival skills shelter

Understanding how to build a proper wilderness survival shelter is a top priority in most of the survival situations. Not only does it you from the elements, it’s also a place to rest. It’s important to build an accommodation that isn’t too energy consuming. You have to think about the construction, right place and the amount of protection it can offer. To isolate your shelter or build a mattress, you should use grass, small sticks, leaves etc. Here is some more information about different types of shelters.

2. Water

survival skills water

A human being won’t last longer than three days without any drinking water. Finding disinfected water during an emergency situation is of the utmost importance. One of the safest methods is boiling water for a couple of minutes. This method is widely used and proven to kill all the bacteria and viruses. Dehydration occurs when the body loses more body fluids than in takes in, commonly seen in survival situations.

3. Fire

Survival Skills fire

Fire is a skill that can help you in a lot of different ways. It makes it possible to warm your body, dry your clothes, boil your water and cook your food. Next to that, fire also can provide psychological support in a survival situation creating a sense of security and safety. When traveling in the wilderness, always bring some different multiple fire tools with you. The video below shows you how to make a fire without using modern equipment, a technique for the real survival experts.

4. Food
The key to surviving in the wilderness is knowing which foods help you to retain your nutritional needs. Although food isn’t one of the most important survival needs since humans can live up to three weeks without food, it definitely is important for your state of mind. Luckily, most natural
environments are filled with a variety of food that helps us survive. I’m talking about small wildlife, insects and plants that are able to support our dietary.

5. Naturalist skills

survival skills food

Having knowledge about the environment gives you a huge advantage when it comes down to surviving outdoors. Definitely learn about wildlife tracking and plants, which could support your basic needs to survive. Knowledge can be the key to surviving in certain situations.

By creating a shelter, and obtain clean water, a person can successfully survive for many weeks. So take advantage of these tips, you never know when you come in a life-threatening situation.

Have you ever been in a situation where these survival skills would come in handy? Tell us what happened and share your story!




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