Take Your Netflix & Chill to the Next Level

No one likes Christian Slater’s “Stranded”.

She knows it. You know she knows it. She knows you know she knows it. But what’s done is done and the date is less than a day away. Here’s how to make this date night more memorable beyond the cliched Netflix and Chill.


1. Hack the Ambiance
To put it crudely, human beings eat with their eyes, ears and nose first. What the senses experience will shape what the mind thinks it’s consuming and the quality behind it. Elevate your game to the gentleman’s level by looking into scented candles and ambient music (check out MrSuicideSheep on Soundcloud).

2. Hire a Five Star Chef
Three’s a crowd so log into Dah Makan at least two hours in advance (30 minutes if you have the Dah Makan app on iOS or Android) and pre-order a healthy & filling meal for two, to be prepared by one of their five star chefs. Every day, the site offers high quality Halal meals in the seafood and poultry category, guaranteed to satiate all palette’s.

3. Disconnect to Connect
Shut off all your phones & devices to ensure an interruption free date. The last thing you want to show her is that your work, colleagues or parents are more important than her. Of course they are, but she doesn’t need to know that!

4. Pop the Question
No not that one. No no no. No we’re so not ready for that yet. Ask her out on an actual date.. You’re both grown ups, go out for a grown up date. That said, don’t be boring. Check out some destinations for group activities on GetYourGuide like Batu Caves for Firefly watching and play tourist for a day with her. Surprise her with an old school picnic outside and be spontaneous about it with help from Dah Makan’s on-the go delivery system. They get your order to you wherever & whenever you are, just select the location on the go and have your meal delivered within 30 minutes. We recommend one of their more fancy meal selections like Teriyaki Salmon Fillet with Brown Rice, Vegetable Pickles, Tamago and Sesame Dip or Baked Salmon with Leek-Lemon Butter Sauce, Roasted Pumpkin & Seasonal Vegetables.

Eat, explore and build a long lasting bond.



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