Ten Great Reasons to be a Beardsman

Reasons To Be A Beardsman

With the beard movement moving away from being a hipster trend and more towards a functional one, we sat with the beardsmen in our office to learn why they took the bushy path and carry around expensive oils. Beyond style, here are the top five scientific reasons to be bearded.

Blocks UV Rays

Research shows that thick beards are capable of blocking up to 95 percent of the UV rays from the sun. Get sunburn and cancer protection.

Shaving Gives You Acne

The bacteria that causes acne spreads from shaving. Having a beard increases chance of having smooth skin under facial hair. If you have a beard, than the chances are very strong that you have smooth skin under that facial hair. According to ThoughtCatalog.com, shaving your face helps to spread the bacteria that causes acne. Taking care of your beard leads to healthy skin.

Perception Is Everything

Bearded men are perceived to be more manly and attractive according to this study.

Build That Confidence

Men who have more confidence in themselves tend to be more successful in all aspects of their lives. According to Jebiga.com, a beard gives a man a sense of power and confidence that is readily evident to everyone around him. Therefore, making the decision to grow a beard is a way for a man to set a higher standard for his life and become more successful.

A Natural Filter

Men who grow a mustache enjoy the benefits of having microscopic allergens kept out of there noses and, as a result, the reduction of the effects of conditions such as hay fever and other allergies. With a beard, that filtering protection is taken to a whole new level. In fact, a beard will help keep those same allergens and airborne bacteria out of you’re mouth, which will lead to overall better health. When you combine a beard with a mustache, you get two-fold protection that a clear-faced male cannot get. Of course, you do need to take steps to clean and maintain your facial hair filter, and beard oil is one of the most popular grooming methods for men who grow beards.

Fountain Of Youth

A beard can actually function as a fountain of youth because of all of the protection it offers. Since facial hair keeps you’re skin clear of cancerous blemishes and having a beard means you reduce the amount of acne and discoloration on your skin, your skin will stay healthy for longer. The ability of a beard and moustache to keep allergens out of your system will also improve your overall health. In this way, beards work to keep you not only looking younger but feeling younger as well.

Less Wrinkles

Another side-affect of having fewer exposure to the sun is that you get fewer wrinkles. While the option to protect the face from wrinkles by using a beard is not open to everyone, those who do have the opportunity to take advantage of this beauty benefit should get on board and start growing they’re beards right now.

Helps Lessen The Possibility Of Gum Disease

When your beard and mustache help to keep airborne bacteria out of your mouth, they are also working together to reduce your chances of getting gum disease. It should be noted that you still need to brush your teeth to do the lion’s share of protection against gum disease, but beards offer that little bit of extra protection that other people simply do not have.

Keeps Skin Moist

Shaving opens up the pores in you’re skin and can also cause cuts on your face that will dry out your skin over time. In the summer and winter, exposed pores create a situation where your skin loses it moisture and can start to flake. When you have a beard, you avoid all of these issues and keep your skin nice and healthy.

Prevents Other Bacterial Infections

When you have a beard, the pores in you’re facial skin are naturally protected against any bacteria that may try to get in and cause an infection. Bacteria can come from a variety of sources and has the potential to become extremely dangerous if it has a portal to gain access to your facial skin. Shaving opens up those portals and allows all of that bacteria to come pouring in. When you have a beard, those portals are closed.

A beard is more then just a cool facial accessory, it is also a life-saving device. With all of the health benefits that beards offer, it is interesting that not more men are growing beards. The next time someone tries to tell you that you’re beard needs to go, all you need to do is remind them that your beard gives you a longer life and healthier facial skin. It is always nice to have a scientific way to silence the critics.



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