Top 3 Most Overrated People in History

1. Steve Jobs.

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Real men take care of their dependents, conduct their business dealings fairly, lead from the guide, offer guidance, mentor the underperformers and give people second chances. The mind behind the iPad and iPhone did none of these things. Instead, Steve Jobs took credit for other people’s work, cheated his first business partner, was known to fire people randomly and refused to acknowledge his poverty stricken daughter. It says a lot about the people that worshipped this sad excuse of a man.

2. Che Guevera.

The Man Cave Asia

He must be rolling in his grave for being such a boon to the t-shirt industry. Capitalism wins every time with his face is sold .. on the free market .. based on demand & supply .. all concepts he stood against. Wearing a t shirt with his face on it meant you were rebellious or edgy. It’s the same farce people are wedged in when they buy anonymous masks made by a big corporation, so they can protest against a big corporation for overcharging on commodities .. like masks.

3. Ronald Reagan.

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The POTUS is visiting Malaysia this month and on the agenda is the measures both countries can take to avoid deficits, military spending and tax cuts. Reagan ruined all three with style, sure, but he also overfunded the military and underfunded everything else. He also mishandled the AIDS crisis and rejected Gorbachev’s offer for both superpowers to disengage in Afghanistan. A seven star prick to say the least.



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