Top 7 Intellectual Pranks for Bonding

A gentleman has much better things to do than plan & execute an elaborate prank. So work smart, not hard. Or lazy, we can’t tell which is which.

  • Replace a random photo of a family member with one of Vladimir Putin.


  • Replace the cream in all his Oreo cookies with toothpaste.

  • Hard boil all the eggs in his fridge and put them back.

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  • Slightly rearrange his furniture.

  • Make him a sandwich. Watch while he eats it. Chuckle ominously.

  • Go into his iflix account and give five star ratings to Teletubby videos, Justin Beiber documentaries and stoner movies. Your friend won’t be able to figure out why iflix suddenly thinks he’s a druggie pedophile.

  • Steal all his spoons. You will mess with his mind so bad because he’ll know someone was in his house which violated his sense of security but he will constantly be wondering why they only stole the spoons. Now start putting the word spoon multiple times down at the bottom of every email that you send him, and change the text color to white so he’ll never see it. This will cause ad targeting to start giving him ads for spoons in the sidebar of every website he visits, continuing to prank with his mind.


And that’s how men bond.



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