Kasper Wandi’s Top 9 Rules for Business Success

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In 2013, Google experienced immense brain drain when Kasper Wandi, its business development lead for the Asia Pacific, decided to tap into and fulfill a growing need among brands in ASEAN countries. Two years later, Consider Digital is growing and employs over 60 employees in Malaysia and Cambodia, serving telecom giants like Axiata, Smart and P1 to achieve business success.

We reached out to him to learn about the lessons he wished he’d known when starting out and he graciously shared nine key points:

1. Know what you’re good at. The winner between the shark and the tiger is determined by the terrain. Play on familiar territory and focus on strengths for business success.

2. Set specific goals and measure them. Set reminders on key goals and revise the goals every week with metrics like sales, customer acquisition, retention and revenue growth.

3. Activity ≠ Growth. Many companies fail because they are measuring improvements that don’t contribute towards to top line. Application downloads is not growth. Application engagement has more value towards business success.

4. Growth is determined by progress. If you’re not moving forward, you’re not moving. Make a list of tasks and break each task down to the sum of its parts. Say them out loud and focus on the micro tasks. Get feedback on the detail of these tasks. Refine your approach everyday. For a better understanding of this, run a session in your organization on how toast is made and watch the TED talk on it as well.

5. Money can be recovered, time cannot. Focus on getting a return on your time. Focus on valuing your time because you are the only person on the planet that will. Start and end meetings on time. Start and end work on time. No late sittings and no weekends. Graduate to a work culture where more has to be executed in less & less time. Achieve 7 hour work days and you will have a culture of business success.

6. Be decisive and focus on execution. Do this at the cost of being seen as rude and filter out people who can’t see beyond themselves. Respect the magnitude of your decisions and prioritize accordingly.

7. Ignore the competition. Ignore the noise and focus on what is helping you keep the lights on. Advice is cheap, so unless someone puts their money where their mouth is, feign deafness to their resolve. It’s good to know what others are up to in order to remain different, it’s fatal to be obsessed about them.

8. Hard work beats everything. Executing lead generation focused marketing for the banking industry was unheard of. More so with digital marketing mediums. But Consider Digital took on the challenge and has success cases to back their credibility. The tougher it was for you to get over a hurdle, they harder it will be for others to replicate your business success.

9. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Prepare to live a life no one would dare have so you can reap the rewards and enjoy a life no one could dream of having. Learn the skills you have to to create, market, sell, re-sell, up-sell and deliver. There is nothing above or beneath. Be the captain of your ship & sail to business success.



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