Top Five Negotiating Hacks for First Time Car Buyers

If you’ve finally saved up enough to entirely or partially buy your own car, note that it’s a significant investment that goes beyond the vehicle. You need to factor in the time you’ll spend in the fuel line, at the mechanics, with after sales and with insurance agents. One of the ways to lessen the blow if the negotiate the best deal during the initial phase i.e. when buying the car. Here are some tried and tested negotiating tactics from Abdullah Alkhury, a seasoned sales expert.

  1. Don’t negotiate. State your terms, expectations and budget. Never budge no matter what they tell you. It’s their job to deceive you into agreeing to a deal that suits their business requirements. Be polite in declining any counter offers and end the conversation by giving them your number & leaving. If the price you’ve stated is reasonable, they will call you back claiming that something just rolled in.
  1. Follow-up on weekends. Call an hour before closing time and ask to speak with the salesperson you dealt with before. Remind them of your meeting and ask when they’ll meet your figure politely and be courteous in conveying that any offer outside your range is a waste of your time. If the dealership is having a bad weekend, they will budget to meet minimum targets.
  1. Call on Pay Day. Follow-up on the last day of the month. Sales personel at car dealerships are under immense pressure to meet targeted monthly minimums so call on the final working day of the month to follow up. A lot has changed since your 1st meeting and last follow up, they are likely to fold.
  1. Leverage Malaysia’s weather. Bad weather can dramatically affect car sales. The existence of the haze doesn’t make the case any stronger for people to drive blind, much less slippery. Call the dealership, ask to speak to the salesman you were dealing with and state in a positive tone that you are happy to visit them if they are ready to meet your offer. No one goes car shopping when rain is pouring down hard. Make them bend to your will.
  1. Rinse, wash and repeat. Of course you are doing this with many dealers in your area so make sure they have the car, make and model that you want. Someone will cave, they always do. Be polite with every dealer and smile throughout the process. Happier people tend to gravitate others around them and are addictive to be around. Dealers know that customers with happy expositions are more likely leave positive reviews and will be more inclined to do a deal with you. The only downside to this approach is that you’ll end up buying a car late or during bad weather, but it’s worth it in the long run.



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