Top Six Reasons Spectre was Mission Impossible 5

Aside from the fact that the main villain of the movie is just Hydra (Winter Soldier), the overview screen play has got a really similar plot to Mission Impossible 5 and here’s why:


  1. The lead character goes rogue,
  2. Synchronized terrorist attacks are orchestrated by a Illuminati type organization, which has a moral compass just inverse of the lead.
  3. Lead character’s employer is shut down.
  4. Lead character’s team is absorbed into a different organisation but they still work covertly for the lead.
  5. Daring aerial stunt in both opening sequence
  6. London is the destination of the ending sequence.


I gather that the executives recognized that MI5 is similar to Spectre which could be why the release date was shifted to an earlier slot.


For a movie that’s just filled with product placement, Spectre was immensely disappointing because it feels like a beautiful commercial with no substance. You never feel like the characters are in any true mortal danger and the action jumps from one set piece to the next.
Just watch MI5 again.



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