Fourth Wall and Top 10 Instances of Characters Breaking It

Breaking THE Fourth Wall

Fourth Wall breakage is considered one of the best tropes in entertainment, after cliche’s.

breaking the fourth wall

Here’s the top ten moments our favorite characters broke character and acknowledged the camera or the implausibility of their situation.

Trading Places
Eddie Murphy’s breaks the fourth wall with a brief, hilarious and subtle look at the camera as he’s being taught about commodities.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
“If we’re so rich …”

Carlton freaks with the in studio audience

Pretty much every scene with Abed

Ed, Edd and Eddy
“I’d swear but standards won’t let me”

Wayne’s World
When the director steps in to the frame to replace the bad actor with Charlton Heston.

Student Bodies
Last ditch effort to get a R rating.

30 Rock
Product Placement for Verizon – “Can we have our money now?”

Product Placement for Snapple – “I only date guys.”

The Simpsons
Foreshadowing the departure of the original voice actor.

Homer breaks the fourth wall to confirm that he’s anatomically monstrous.



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