Trailer Review – The Purge Election Year

Screening on Tuesday, July 14, at Malaysia’s cinemas, ‘The Purge Election Year is the next upcoming science fiction movie that showcases a lot of action and can be horrifying from time to time. Written and directed by James Demonaco, the film is promising to be a real blockbuster. This will be the third movie in the Purge series, whereby we will be sucked into a sequel of the film from 2014, ‘The Purge: Anarchy’. In case you haven’t seen the trailer yet, quickly press play to see what this stunning and nerve-racking movie is all about.

The purge tells us a story about America, a nation that has been reborn. The unemployment rate is at 1% and crime is at an all-time low because one night a year, all crime is legal including murder. All emergency services will be suspended during this night that lasts for 12 hours. This terrifying scenario reveals the inner beast within humans. Having an invasion on the white house and ending up in the dangerous city area, this sequel really combines the best of both previous movies together.

The new story
The Purge Election Year’ brings us to the year 2025, two years after police agent Leo Barnes decided not to kill Warren Gross, the man who killed his son while driving drunk. In 2025, Leo serves as head of security for Senator Charlie Roan, the front-runner for the presidential election due to the fact that she tries to eliminate the annual purging night. Having experienced the awfulness of the purge herself when her family was brutally murdered 15 years age, she’s dedicated to winning. Unfortunately, the annual purge happens before this year’s elections, which makes her a beloved target to corrupt politicians who would hire anybody to make an end to her life.

The purge election year

Due to a betrayal, Leo Barnes and the senator end up on the most dangerous place possible that night, the streets of Washington D.C. Knowing what’s at stake, their mission is to survive this awful night while being hunted down by assault teams and sadistic murders that walk the streets. Will the senator be able to run for president and protect the poor and innocent by eliminating the annual purge? Luckily, they get help from a group of anti-purge rebels but will this be enough to survive the night? From the 14th of July, you will be able to answer these question.

The purge election year

Political storyline
The purge election year will include a political storyline this time, which gives the movie more depth than just people slaughtering each other. Due to the turn the screenwriters took, the purge also doesn’t seem so far-fetched anymore than it did in the first movie. The actual crime legal night is more about eliminating the poor that are hunted down by the rich of the country.

So far, all the three purge movies have a different twist. What do you think about the new storyline the screenwriters inserted in this sequel? Stay tuned about the latest movies and Share your thought by leaving a comment!


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