What To Wear During A Date

When you haven’t had a date in a long time, or the few you had didn’t seem to be very interested, it might be time for a change of clothes. I know you might think: “I have my own style, no reason to pretend to be someone else”, or “I wouldn’t go out with a girl who doesn’t like my style anyway.” Ok, so you’re a strong and independent man. Good for you.

Still, keep in mind relationships, first date included, need two people, two investing parties. For starters, dressing for the occasion shows a certain respect. If the girl you’re going with clearly hasn’t prepared, wears ill-fitting rags stolen from her bigger brother, you might not appreciate it either. And she’ll be sizing you up, taking into account every single detail. That’s why a date, especially the first one, needs some planning.

Don’t worry, we won’t try changing your entire wardrobe, nor impose a certain personality. But we do have some tips on how to look presentable without putting in too much effort. And remember, fashion changes, but style is appreciated everywhere, in Malaysia or abroad.


Wearing a casual shirt on a date is acceptable. A nice, fitting polo-shirt or button-down shows flexibility. Please do avoid extremely ordinary or prominent prints (forget the death-metal skull or half-naked lady sucking on her finger), as well as neon-colored sport shirts.

If you want to dress up a little, you can wear a front-button shirt. Stay away from the plain office look though, try something with a light color. Subtle patterns will do too if you don’t overdo it.



Bringing a light jacket is a good habit. It’s smart and you can offer her your jacket if it gets cold. Don’t wear a full suit though, you’re not doing a job interview, and you might get too hot. Except if you’re taking her to a black-tie gala of course, then dress to the occasion.

Find a flattering lightweight sport coat or cardigan, not too skin-tight nor too wide. Earth tones often provide a bit of additional sophistication and seriousness.



Women, in our eyes, are shoe-obsessed. This means you will need to be quite careful with what you put on.

First off, your shoes need to look clean, the did-you-buy-those-today kind of clean. Polish them, and remove any mud traces, sand and stains.

If washed, almost any shoes work really, even a pair sneakers (most of which you can easily throw in the washing machine. Make sure to follow some instructions though, I won’t take any responsibility for your washed out Lacoste).



Mostly no shorts and no sweatpants, or you might as well stay home playing videogames with your roommates. Khakis are fine as long as you don’t look too boring overall. A regular pair of jeans, especially in a dark tone, can be worn with almost anything and won’t put a girl off. That is, if they’re not full of holes, or hanging under your butt.



No set is complete without some accessories. Luckily, a man normally only has to think of two: his watch, and his belt. You can check out our article on how to buy a watch, just don’t wear a plastic watch you got in primary school. When it comes to belts, just don’t use a rope or a women’s belt. A brown or black leather belt will do.

This concludes our 101 on What to wear for a date. We hope you learned something from these basics. If not, that’s less competition for us, so you won’t hear us complain. Or you might know better than this. If so, please let us know, and leave your advice below!

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