Congress is Sitting Out the War Against ISIS

If elected officials in Congress can’t pull themselves together enough to do some good for America, why should there be any expectation that they will pull themselves together enough to keep the U.S. out of any war or “police action”? Idiots like Ted Cruz calling for carpet bombing. Other senators go out of their way to undermine a sitting president when it comes to foreign negotiations. And then we have those who want a war as long as they or their relatives don’t have to participate.

U.S.A. is, for better or worse, considered the police officers of the world. No matter what they do, someone will come after us for it. Furthermore, since elected officials are more concerned with their poll numbers than having an honest debate, weighing the options, and trying to see if our interference is merited Obama is doing what he thinks is right. The GOP has, from the time Obama was elected, not been interested in a functioning government. Why people expect such spoiled brats to have any rational thoughts about what Obama is trying to do is beyond ridiculous.

As someone who has been watching Middle East for the last 30 years, I think that it’s high time those governments did something about their problems. Instead of putting a fence around the United States, maybe they should put a fence around the Middle East until they decide that they want to be part of the civilized world.

Naturally. That way, they’re not on the hook for anything that might come back to bite them and, even more important, they can criticize the President ad nauseum for being weak, wrong, impotent, whatever.

I’ve never seen a series of Congresses like this, as I have under President Obama. They don’t do what they are paid to do. But they hold budgets hostage, enact shutdowns, hold votes that are sure to be vetoed, and rant and rave against their own pet issues like defunding Planned Parenthood.

One of the most important jobs Congress can do is define the terms of war. The last war vote taken was for Iraq. And yet, in GOP debate after GOP debate, when it comes to foreign policy, the candidates have no problem bragging about what they plan to do.

Does that include singlehandedly doing these things without authorization from Congress? Why oh why can’t debate moderators really get down to the serious issues of the day about what these candidates plan with or without Congressional support? Better yet, what are they going to do when their majority now in Congress–assuming it holds, which ideally it won’t–still refuses to put their necks on the line?



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