Why Men Don’t Dress Well

There is no shortage of articles penned by women lamenting about how the men in their lives under dress or fail to look sharp. We spoke to a few influencers to learn why.

The Man Cave

Dressing well costs money – A person in his 20’s experiences frequent weight spikes and drop so it make little sense to invest in 2-3 size variations of different outfits and styles. Instead, a one size fits all approach like the late Steve Jobs is opted by most people to keep matters simple. Nicer clothes are also hard to maintain and cost more time to dry clean.

Straight men equate dressing well with metrosexuality – The cold hard truth is that most societies aren’t as progressive as they like to imagine themselves to be. So when a man wears a color that expresses his personality, he faces the risk of ridicule for coming off as metrosexual instead and the self expression backfires.

It’s time consuming – In the internet economy, people are too consumed with their work to think about apparel and attire beyond its functionality to be decent and meet bare minimum working codes. Anything beyond that feels like a waste of time both personally and professionally. When was the last time you were given a raise for rocking an Armani suit?

It’s uncalled for – Reiterating this point but meeting the bare minimum working requirement makes sense, but in most scenario’s casual and comfort wear trumps all. Wearing an office suit to a casual gathering will make you stand out but can also send the message that you’re trying too hard to impress or that you just came from the office and haven’t had time to freshen up. No one wants to go home with a late worker who can’t cut it loose.

It sets expectations – Once you get into the habit of dressing well and you’re known for it, you have to keep at it or deal with the fashion police. Dress to impress and you may encounter a swath of counterparts that think your look is dated, thereby making you question lifestyle choices. Avoid the hassle and be yourself.



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