World Ending Problems Mainstream Media Ignores

It may be a bit harsh to classify these as world ending events, but given the fickle nature of the human race, these problems are gradually snowballing into something much more catastrophic. On the plus side, the biblical Judgement Day is upon us because:

We’re running out of Helium
We’re really dependent on it and research for its alternatives has come up short. Not very heavy world ending stuff, but close enough.

We’re going to starve soon
Bees are dying so pollination will largely cease and then then it’s the slow road to starvation for humanity. Thanks to Colony Collapse Disorder.

We’re getting underpaid
We’ve increased the automation of labor yet people’s wages aren’t matching the new efficiency.

We’re letting killers walk free
After the Flint Water Crisis,  no one was fired or imprisoned.

We’re incapable of understanding inflation
Unfunded liabilities are much, much worse than the national debt. Tens of trillions of dollars in coming years. Within a couple decades, they will literally take up the whole federal budget.

We’re killing our grandchildren
Climate change is changing local weather patterns is causing problems with how we grow food and generate energy. If you’ve watched Interstellar, you know global hunger crisis’s can scale world ending mindsets.

We’re getting another recession
In October, Deutsche Bank cut thousands of jobs. A week ago, the announced a $ 7.3 billion yearly loss. The bank has a derivatives exposure totaling 72 trillion in … credit default swaps. Oh yeah, those.

Putin Controls Elections
That said, he turned the Russian economy around and has a really high approval rating. That said, the latter could be rigged as well.

Our media coverage and analysis is amazingly inept. Why can you people not accept (or understand) that although there is a significant opposition to Putin in Russia, the majority of the population still prefers him to any alternative?

He doesn’t plan on anything world ending because he created some measure of stability following the crazy years of Yeltsin. And he is the one who provided a strong government. That is what people want, not the chaos that we in the West call “Democracy”. Like when Bush trashed the economy, shoveled billions to the rich, and launch a horribly costly and unnecessary world ending war.



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